Virgin Mobile Promo Code and Coupons 2013

Serving up no contract wireless plans since 2002, Virgin Mobile not only provides excellent wireless service, it stays true to its name by sponsoring concerts and music festivals as well as operating a free streaming music station.

Part of the Sprint network, Virgin Mobile offers basic phones, Android phones and the iPhone. Customers can choose from touchscreens, sliding keyboards and basic flip phones. New customers can purchase a phone and keep their old phone number. Each phone as a 30 day guarantee and free shipping. Once you receive your phone, you can activate it for free via the Internet or by calling customer support and Virgin Mobile will help you replace your phone for a low price as well as transfer remaining balances if your phone is lost or stolen.

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Customers of Virgin Mobile can choose between two plans. The Beyond Talk plan offers unlimited data, texting and multimedia messaging with a choice of minutes range from 300 to unlimited. The other plan is called payLo and allows customers to pay smaller payments for a smaller amount of minutes, texting and data. However, the payLo plans are not compatible with Android phones. When switching to Virgin Mobile, customers only choose the phone that they wish to use. Once they receive their phone and start the activation process, they will be able to choose their plan.

Virgin Mobile offers 4G speed and has consistently been ranked highest in customer service performance by J.D. Power and Associates. The company also offers international calling, broadband services and home phone services.